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 Hematological changes arising from spleen contraction during apnea and altitude in humans [Avhandling]
Richardson, Matt X.
Magasin Vca
2008Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Arterial desaturation during exercise in man [Avhandling] : implication for O2 uptake and work capacity
Bay Nielsen, Henning
Magasin Vca
2003Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Immunological changes in human blood and skeletal muscle in response to physical exercise [Avhandling]
Malm, Christer
Magasin Vca
2001Book or leaflet 1 av 1
Tengblad, Jesper
Magasin Ve
1997Book or leaflet 2 av 2
 Über den Einfluss von Unterschiedlicher körperlicher Belastung auf hämorheologische und metabolische Parameter bei Sportlern verschiedener Disziplinen unter besonderer berücksichtigung von Bodybuilding [Avhandling]
Chang, Myoung-Jei
Magasin Vu
1990Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Influence of iron deficiency and changes in haemoglobin concentration on exercise capacity in man [Avhandling] : with special reference to iron-dependant compounds in skeletal muscle and the central circulation
Celsing, Fredrik
Magasin Ve
1987Book or leaflet 2 av 2
 Effekten av träningsstatus på den neurogena regulationen av cikulationen vid muskelaktivering [Rapport]
Kaijser, Lennart
1985Book or leaflet 0 av 0
 Circulatory dimensions and circulatory function during and after pregnancy : a physiological study of iron-treated women, in anaemic women and in patients with heart disease
Robbe, Hjördis
Magasin V
1959Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Schlagvolumen und Zeitvolumen des gesunden und kranken Menschen
Grollman, Arthur,
Magasin Ve
1935Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 A compleat system of the blood-vessels and nerves, taken from Albinus's edition of Eustachius : also from Ruysch, Vieussens, Du Verney, Haller, Trew, and J.B. surgeon at Avignon; beautifully engraved on large copper plates, with tables of explanation, containing the text of Eustachius, Albinus, &c. translated into English. To which are prefixed three whole-length anatomical figures, representing the external parts of the human body in both sexes.
Magasin Rarskåp
1754Book or leaflet 1 av 1