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Recovery and well-being in sport and exercise : interdisciplinary insights
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  • Rb:do Kellmann
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  • Recovery and well-being in sport and exercise : interdisciplinary insights
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  • Routledge, London ; New York : 2022
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  • xi, 223 sidor : illustrations (black and white) ; 24 cm.
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  • ebook version : ISBN 9781000530070
  • 9781032191553
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*24510$aRecovery and well-being in sport and exercise :$binterdisciplinary insights /$cedited by Michael Kellmann and Jürgen Beckmann.
*264 1$aLondon ;$aNew York :$bRoutledge,$c2022
*300  $axi, 223 sidor :$billustrations (black and white) ;$c24 cm.
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*4900 $aAdvances in recovery and stress research
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*650 0$aPhysical education and training.
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Bringing together the world's leading experts, this multi-disciplinary collection examines both the psychological and physiological dimensions to recovery from sport.

Featuring chapters on overtraining, sleep, the relationship to injury, as well as the role of stress, this volume illustrates how performance, both as an individual and as a team, can be better managed through understanding the recovery process. It also covers the impact of travel on performance, as well as guidance on measurement and training. Based upon the contemporary models of recovery and performance in different scientific disciplines such as medicine, psychology, and sport science, expert contributors also explore implications for applied and strategic interventions to retain and stabilize performance ability.

With a large overlap from Sports, Recovery, and Performance, published in 2017, this book has seen substantial modifications with new and revised chapters. This is a must-have resource for students and scholars across the sports sciences as well as any coach interested in the latest research.

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