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Recovery and stress in sport : a manual for testing and assessment
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  • Rb:do Kellmann
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  • Recovery and stress in sport : a manual for testing and assessment
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  • London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019
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  • 73 pages : Illustrations (black and white) 28 cm
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  • ebook version : ISBN 9780429753244
  • 1138389528
  • 9781138389526
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*1001 $aKellmann, Michael,$d1965-$eauthor.
*24510$aRecovery and stress in sport :$ba manual for testing and assessment /$cMichael Kellmann and Sarah Kölling.
*264 1$aLondon :$bRoutledge, Taylor & Francis Group,$c2019
*300  $a73 pages :$bIllustrations (black and white)$c28 cm
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*7001 $aKölling, Sarah$eauthor.
*77608$iebook version :$z9780429753244
*852  $5Gih$bGih$hRb:do Kellmann
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Balancing training, stress and recovery is essential for achieving optimal performance. The performance of athletes can be severely compromised by underrecovery, injuries, prolonged periods of competition, or even life events outside their sporting lives.

The current recovery-stress state depends on preceding stress and recovery activities, but through simultaneous assessment of stress and recovery, a differentiated picture can be provided. This manual includes two measurement instruments to gauge individual recovery, enabling both athletes and coaches to better understand the often-unconscious processes that impinge upon peak performance, and to monitor the physical, mental, emotional, mental, and overall recovery-stress state before and after training. The Acute Recovery and Stress Scale (ARSS) and the Short Recovery and Stress Scale (SRSS) are instruments that systematically enlighten the recovery-stress states of athletes. Through utilization of the ARSS and the SRSS, athletes and coaches can better understand the importance of daily activities, including how they can relate to stress/recovery and the direct impact on athletic performance.

In addition to the instruments themselves, both of which are simple and easy to use, the manual also discusses their development, their basis in theory, and case studies showcasing their usage. The ARSS and the SRSS provide important information regarding the current recovery-stress state during the process of training, and are essential tools for coaches, sport scientists, sport psychologists, and athletes alike.

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