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Doping and public health
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  • Ohi Doping
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  • Doping and public health
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  • New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
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  • xi, 151 s. : ill.
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  • 978-1-138-57430-4
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*24510$aDoping and public health /$cedited by Nader Ahmadi, Arne Ljungqvist and Göran Svedsäter
*264 1$aNew York :$bRoutledge, Taylor & Francis Group,$c2017
*300  $axi, 151 s. :$bill.
*650 0$aDoping in Sports.
*650 0$aAthletes$xDrug use.
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*650 0$aDoping in sports
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*653  $aDoping$0143814
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*653  $aIdrottare
*7001 $aAhmadi, Nader,$d1959-$4edt$0211903
*7001 $aLjungqvist, Arne,$d1931-$4edt$0271533
*7001 $aSvedsäter, Göran,$4edt
*8528 $5Gih$bGih$hOhi Doping
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Doping - the use of performance-enhancing substances and methods - has long been a high-profile issue in sport but in recent years it has also become an issue in wider society. This important new book examines doping as a public health issue, drawing on a multi-disciplinary set of perspectives to explore the prevalence, significance and consequences of doping in wider society. It introduces the epidemiology of doping, examines the historical context, and explores the social, behavioural, legal, ethical and political aspects of doping. The book also discusses possible interventions for addressing the problem on organisational and societal levels.

Doping and Public Health incorporates the latest research to provide a comprehensive guide to the key aspects of doping as a social phenomenon. Divided into six parts, this collection of studies offers detailed insight into:

ideals of health and fitness in today's society reasons behind the use of doping medical and social consequences of doping the importance of a doping-free society challenges to the detection and prevention of doping the global anti-doping movement.

This book is a valuable resource for sport students, instructors and sport professionals, and will also be of interest to educators and policy-makers working in the areas of health, criminology, sociology and law.

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