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Digital technologies and learning in physical education : pedagogical cases
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  • Digital technologies and learning in physical education : pedagogical cases
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  • Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : 2016.
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  • 264 pages
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  • 9781138947283 (hardback)
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  • 9781138947290 (pbk.)
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*24500$aDigital technologies and learning in physical education : $bpedagogical cases / $cedited by Ashley Casey, Victoria A. Goodyear and Kathleen M. Armour.
*264 1$aAbingdon, Oxon ; $aNew York, NY : $bRoutledge, $c2016.
*300  $a264 pages
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*504  $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
*650 0$aPhysical education and training$xComputer-assisted instruction$vCase studies.
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*655 7$aCase studies.$2fast
*7001 $aCasey, Ashley,$eeditor.
*7001 $aGoodyear, Victoria A.,$eeditor.
*7001 $aArmour, Kathleen M.,$eeditor.
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There is evidence of considerable growth in the availability and use of digital technologies in physical education. Yet, we have scant knowledge about how technologies are being used by teachers, and whether or how these technologies are optimising student learning. This book makes a novel contribution by focusing on the ways in which teachers and teacher educators are attempting to use digital technologies in PE.

The book has been created using the innovative 'pedagogical cases' framework. Each case centres on a narrative, written by a PE practitioner, explaining how and why technology is used in their practice to advance and accelerate learning. Each practitioner narrative is then analysed by a team of experts from different disciplines. The aim is to offer a multi-dimensional understanding of the possibilities and challenges of supporting young people's learning with digital technologies. Each case concludes with a practitioner reflection to illustrate the links between theory, research and practice.

Digital Technologies and Learning in Physical Education encourages critical reflection on the use of technologies in PE. It is an essential resource for students on physical education, kinesiology or sport science courses, practitioners working in PE or youth sport, and researchers interested in digital technologies and education.

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