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Tennis and philosophy : what the racket is all about
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  • Rbb.12 Tennis
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  • Tennis and philosophy : what the racket is all about
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  • University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. : c2010.
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  • viii, 283 p. ; 24 cm.
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  • 0-8131-2574-X (hbk.) :
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*24510$aTennis and philosophy :$bwhat the racket is all about /$cedited by David Baggett.
*260  $aLexington, Ky. :$bUniversity Press of Kentucky,$cc2010.
*300  $aviii, 283 p. ;$c24 cm.
*4901 $aThe philosophy of popular culture
*504  $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
*592  $aClip2MM$b2012-01-04
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*6500 $aTennis$xPhilosophy.$0159072
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*6500 $aTennis$0159072
*653  $aTennis
*653  $aIdrottskultur
*653  $aFilosofi
*7001 $aBaggett, David.
*8300 $aPhilosophy of popular culture.
*8528 $hRbb.12 Tennis
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Tennis smashed onto the worldwide athletic scene soon after its modern rules and equipment were introduced in nineteenth-century England. Exciting, competitive, and uniquely accessible to people of all ages and talent levels, tennis continues to enjoy popularity, both as a recreational activity and a spectator sport.

Life imitates sport in Tennis and Philosophy. Editor David Baggett approaches tennis not only as a game but also as a surprisingly rich resource for philosophical analysis. He assembles a team of champion scholars, including David Foster Wallace, Robert R. Clewis, David Detmer, Mark Huston, Tommy Valentini, Neil Delaney, and Kevin Kinghorn, to consider numerous philosophical issues within the sport. Profiles of tennis greats such as John McEnroe, Roger Federer, the Williams sisters, and Arthur Ashe are paired with pertinent topics, from the ethics of rage to the role of rivalry. Whether entertaining metaphysical arguments or examining the nature of beauty, these essays promise insightful discussion of one of the world's most popular sports.

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