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Exercise and young people : issues, implications and initiatives
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  • Exercise and young people : issues, implications and initiatives
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  • Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke : 2005
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  • xi, 276 s : ill.
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*24510$aExercise and young people :$bissues, implications and initiatives /$cedited by Lorraine Cale and Jo Harris
*260  $aBasingstoke :$bPalgrave Macmillan,$c2005$y2005
*300  $axi, 276 s :$bill.
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Young people are a distinct group with specific exercise needs, yet there are a number of misconceptions and limited guidance on the subject. This book explores the key issues, implications and initiatives associated with exercise and exercise promotion in young people, draws together the available evidence on young people's physical activity and fitness, and explores how exercise can be promoted to young people in the contexts of the school and community. It converts theory into practice, ideas into reality and principles into action, and will be a valuable resource for students and practitioners alike.

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