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Foiled : Hitler's Jewish olympian : the Helene Mayer story
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  • Rbz Mayer, Helene
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  • Foiled : Hitler's Jewish olympian : the Helene Mayer story
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  • RDR, Oakland, Calif : 2002
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  • 253 s : ill.
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  • 1-57143-092-X
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*084  $aRbz Mayer, Helene$2kssb/7
*1001 $aMogulof, Milly
*24500$aFoiled :$bHitler's Jewish olympian : the Helene Mayer story /$cMilly Mogulof
*260  $aOakland, Calif :$bRDR,$c2002$y2002
*300  $a253 s :$bill.
*653  $aMayer, Helene
*653  $aNazism
*653  $aTyskland
*653  $aOlympiska spelen 1936
*653  $aFäktning
*653  $aJudar
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*8528 $bIh$hRbz Mayer, Helene$5Ih
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Arguably history's most famous woman fencer, named as one of the top 100 athletes of the century by Sports Illustrated, Helene Mayer won the gold for Germany in the 1928 Berlin Olympics. Eight years later, with America poised to boycott the 1936 Berlin Olympics over anti-Semitism, the Nazis brought Mayer home from self-imposed exile in California to be the token Jew on their team. This marvelous book is the story of a beautiful and talented young woman who tries to win back her citizenship by fencing for the Third Reich. The thought-provoking saga of the central figure in the 20th century's most dramatic sports controversy.

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