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Running & science : in an interdisciplinary perspective
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  • Magasin Rbaac
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  • Running & science : in an interdisciplinary perspective
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  • Munksgaard : Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen : 2000
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  • 177 s : ill.
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  • Running and science
  • 87-16-12349-2
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*084  $aRbaac$2kssb/7
*24500$aRunning & science :$bin an interdisciplinary perspective /$ceditors Jens Bangsbo & Henrik B. Larsen
*260  $aCopenhagen :$bMunksgaard : Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen,$c2000$y2000
*300  $a177 s :$bill.
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*653  $aFysiologi
*653  $aTräning
*653  $aSkador
*653  $aTräningslära
*653  $aMusklerna
*7001 $aBangsbo, Jens$0313746
*7001 $aLarsen, Henrik B.
*7101 $aKøbenhavns Universitet. Institut for Idræt
*7400 $aRunning and science
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*852  $aIh$bIh$hMagasin Rbaac
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The three books in the series "Sport and Science" present a multi-disciplinary scientific approach to various sports, namely sailing, soccer and running. Each book contains important information and perspectives within the many disciplines in sport science. Leading experts have contributed to the books, integrating the physiological, psychological, historical and social aspects of each sport.

The foundation of any scientific approach to a sport should be based in the sport itself, and the authors have been selected for their combined scientific expertise and experience within the sport.

Each chapter provides up-to-date knowledge and includes a comprehensive reference list to allow the reader to pursue the subject in more depth. The book is written in an easily understandable manner, and is appropriate for both scientific and non-scientific readers. It is useful to researchers, university lecturers and students, as well as interested coaches.

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