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Exercise and sport science
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  • Exercise and sport science
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  • Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA : cop. 2000
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  • 980 s : ill.
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  • 0-683-03421-9
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*24500$aExercise and sport science /$ceditors, William E. Garrett, Jr., Donald T. Kirkendall
*260  $aPhiladelphia, PA :$bLippincott Williams & Wilkins,$ccop. 2000$y2000
*300  $a980 s :$bill.
*653  $aFysiologi
*653  $aBiomekanik
*653  $aTräning
*653  $aSkidåkning
*653  $aBaseboll
*653  $aBasket
*653  $aKanotsport
*653  $aCykelsport
*653  $aDans
*653  $aKonståkning
*653  $aAmerikansk fotboll
*653  $aIshockey
*653  $aRodd
*653  $aFotboll
*653  $aSkridskoåkning
*653  $aSimning
*653  $aTriathlon
*653  $aRacketsport
*653  $aTyngdlyftning
*653  $aBrottning
*653  $aRörelseanalys
*7001 $aGarrett, William E,$cJr$4oth
*7001 $aKirkendall, Donald T.$4oth
*841  $axa a$b0201080u    0   4000uu   |000000$e1$5Gih
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Written by experts in exercise physiology, exercise science, and biomechanics, this volume focuses specifically on exercise science in relation to athletic performance and to the diagnosis, management, and prevention of athletic injuries. The text is logically organized into sections on energy metabolism, exercise physiology, organ system responses to exercise, general concerns in applied exercise science, sports biomechanics, and applied sports physiology.The biomechanics and sports physiology sections focus on particular sports, to determine specific diagnosis and treatment aspects. The book also includes chapters on exercise in children and the elderly, environmental influences on physical performance, overtraining, chronobiology, and microgravity.

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