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Heroines of sport : the politics of difference and identity
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  • Heroines of sport : the politics of difference and identity
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  • Routledge, London : 2000
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  • 284 s.
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*1001 $aHargreaves, Jennifer
*24500$aHeroines of sport :$bthe politics of difference and identity /$cJennifer Hargreaves
*260  $aLondon :$bRoutledge,$c2000$y2000
*300  $a284 s.
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*653  $aIdrottssociologi
*653  $aHomosexualitet
*653  $aAustralien
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*653  $aIslam
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Heroines of Sport looks closely at different groups of women whose stories have been excluded from previous accounts of women's sports and female heroism. It focuses on five specific groups of women from different places in the world: Black women innbsp;South Africa; Muslim women from the Middle East; Aboriginal women from Australia and Canada; and lesbian and disabled women from different countries worldwide. It also asks searching questions about colonialism and neo-colonialism in the women's international sport movement.
The particular groups of women featured in the book reflect the need to look at specific categories of difference relating to class, culture, disability, ethnicity, race, religion and sexual orientation. In her account, Jennifer Hargreaves reveals how the participation of women in sport across the world is tied to their sense of difference and identity. Based on original research each chapter includes material which relates to significant political and cultural developments.
Heroines of Sport will be invaluable reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of sport sociology, and will also be relevant for students working in women's studies and other specialized fields, such as development studies or the politics of Aboriginality, disability, Islam, race and sexuality.

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