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Femininity and the physically active woman
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  • Femininity and the physically active woman
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  • Routledge, London : 2000
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  • 121 s.
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*1001 $aChoi, Precilla Y. L.
*24500$aFemininity and the physically active woman /$cPrecilla Y. L. Choi
*260  $aLondon :$bRoutledge,$c2000$y2000
*300  $a121 s.
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Even in these days of the fitness boom far to few women take part in enough exercise to glean the significant health benefits on offer. This work explores one reason many women suggest for their lack of involvement in sport and exercise that they are not the sporty type. The author argues that the sporty type is masculine, and to determine how this notion might affect women's self-perceptions, she critically examines the experiences of women athletes, bodybuilders, recreational exercisers and girls' physical education. What emerges is the importance of visible differences between women and men, in terms of muscularity, strength and agility. If a girl or woman wishes to play the masculine game of sport she must do so in conformity with a number of patriarchal rules which ensure she is first and foremost recognized as a heterosexual feminine being. Contributing to a psychology of the physically active woman by examining women's experiences from feminist and genderd perspectives, It should be of interest to psychologists, sport scientists and health professionals.

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